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Dropkey® TV Studio In A Bag®

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The Revolutionary New DROPKEY TV Studio in a bag® is HERE.

PAIR THE DROPKEY® APP WITH The Official HD TV Studio In A Bag 

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DropKey® has Consumerized Chroma key on smart devices with the new DropKey app and portable DreamScreen TV Studio In A Bag®, developed by DropKey founder and engineer Rockwell Scharer with Richard Mall, the 2013 Academy Award-winning Key Grip for the blockbuster films Avatar and Iron Man II-III.

Access your own high-quality background video and photo library on the DropKey® Cloud to replace your monochromatic background...and be anywhere®

Kids and Pros can produce inexpensive high-quality HD background replacement videos at home or on the road with their iPhones and iPads. Anyone can be a Daily Show correspondent in HD with a TV Studio In A Bag and an iPhone...for a couple hundred bucks. The DropKey studio-quality Chroma key app on your supercomputing television camera phone can be paired with the YouTube TV Studio In A Bag to achieve perfect HD Chroma key...every time. 

Recent news

Academy Award-Winning Team Alters the Future of Television Content Creation on Smart Devices

June 12, 2017 - (APD, TDN News) Santa Monica, CA - DropKey®, Inc. a silicon beach startup has successfully Consumerized HD broadcast-quality Chroma key background replacement on smart devices with professional LED lights and sound. The combination sofware and hardware creates a personal media studio that will likely create a sea change in the way HD broadcast quality content is shot on your iPhone. Now users can shoot well-lit HD content with crisp HD green-screen background replacement that you can share with your friends on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, or producers of the Voice. Live-streaming is in the works and will be Meerkat and Periscope-ready.

"The Mobile Content Capture market (MCC) was born in the summer of 2016," said Chief Executive Officer Scharer.  The DropKey TV Studio In A Bag® was invented by Scharer and named Academy Award-winner Richard Mall (Avatar, Iron Man) as DropKey's Chief Engineer.  The DropKey App pairs with the DreamScreen line of products, a proprietary technology that creates perfect push-button perfect Chroma key on smart devices with professional lights, sound and background replacement. The DropKey App works the same as Dropbox but it's large file storage for your camera roll, a user-friendly Chroma key background replacement app with camera roll sync plus automated video assembly in the cloud. DropKey is state of the art green screen background replacement on smartphones...which is extremely difficult to do. Other background replacement apps can't guarantee perfect Chroma key because they don't "pair" with the DreamScreen TV Studio In A Bag and subsequently won't work. The value of this technology is that users don't need to know anything about production to get network-quality content.

DropKey has successfully Consumerized Chroma Key 
on Supercomputing Television Camera Phones

DropKey paired with the TV Studio In A Bag® enables users to shoot 

network quality HD videos!

DropKey....the Be Anywhere® App!

DropKey....the Be Anywhere® App on CBS Sunday Morning!


DropKey taps four-time Emmy Award-winner Mark Nguyen as Chief Digital Officer

September 30, 2015 (APD,TDN News) - “DropKey®, Inc. has named four-time Emmy award-winner Mark Nguyen as Chief of Digital Media at DropKey. Mark is a pioneer in green-screen gaming, aerial photography and as Chief Digital Officer he will be working on DreamScreen Technology with Chief Product Manager Rockwell Scharer.  Welcome aboard, Mark!!"

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DropKey, Inc. is proud to welcome Richard Mall, the 2013 Academy Award Winner in Science and Technology

June 10, 2015 (APD,TDN News) - “DropKey®, Inc. is proud to welcome Richard Mall, the 2013 Academy Award Winner in Science and Technology to the DropKey Team. Richard also was on the Academy Award winning team that shot Avatar with James Cameron. As Chief Engineer Richard will be working on DreamScreen Technology with inventor Rockwell Scharer. Congratulations on your great achievement, Richard. We are excited to have you onboard!"

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Smart Devices: HD Mobile Chroma Key and the Industrial Revolution

March 25, 2014 Los Angeles, CA (APD/TDN News) - “HD Chroma key on supercomputing HD television camera phones is like the invention of the train during the Industrial Revolution. Trains transported Rockefeller's Standard Oil across the land to grow the country, creating jobs, industries and new cities with one innovation: The steam engine. We are in a disruptive technology revolution. Investing in emerging technology is unusually risky because it is an unknown. However, Warren Buffett has always invested in trains because he understands consumers will always need toothpaste and razor blades---and the trains to distribute them---just like the TV and Film Industry uses Chroma Key background replacement and professional lights to make better video content for less money. Therefore, professional lights, sound and Chroma Key on supercomputing television camera phones and tablets will be staples of video production---our steam engine.  The train is the DreamScreen with mobile lights, sound and Chroma key paired with smart devices, and the tracks are YouTube---because its mobile---its free distribution---and it generates lots and lots of revenue." Rockwell Scharer III, DropKey, Inc. 

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Other news

Rockwell Scharer receives the prestigious Entrepreneur Grant from Wilson Sonsini, the preeminent Palo Alto Venture Capital Law firm...

November 29, 2015 Palo Alto, CA (APD/TDN News) - “DropKey, Inc. is pleased to announce DropKey CEO Rockwell Scharer has received the prestigious Wilson Sonsini Entrepreneur Grant, and has acquired a new equity partner Geddis Holdings, a licensing pioneer in digital sports broadcasting. DropKey has the exclusive rights to market and develop the new DreamScreen Pro, Cambot and DeskBot that will transform video content creation from Supercomputing Television Camera Phones using the patent-pending Media Audition Submission System (M.A.S.S.) to Consumerize background replacement on smart devices."

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DreamScreen Technologies from DropKey® is an exciting new innovation that pairs the TV Studio In A Bag® with the new DropKey app

May 15, 2016 (APD,TDN News) - “DreamScreen Technologies from DropKey® is an exciting new innovation that pairs the new DreamScreen™ TV Studio In A Bag® with the DropKey app on smart devices to create broadcast quality video. DreamScreen Technology is a disruptive media revolution in content creation that will change the face of Consumer and Professional TV production. It creates a global new market for amateur video, advertising and affordable media production. DreamScreen technology will fuel hyper-growth for YouTube® videos by enabling every kid and adult to make studio-quality videos using only a DreamScreen and a smart phone. The equipment costs only a few hundred dollars and is affordable to all demographics. Targeted Technology Licensees will be Avid, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Skechers, Red Bull, Google, Facebook and others for several hundred million dollars in projected revenue.  DreamScreen Technology will power DropKey to become a successful licensing company."

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10 Billion Tiny Screens Can Change the World | Endless Innovation |

February 22, 2014 (AP/Big Think/TDN News) - Get ready for a brave new world where supercomputing mobile devices are so ubiquitous that they lead to entirely new business models in industries ranging from healthcare to education. Cisco predicts that, by the year 2016, there will be more mobile-connected devices in the world than humans. That is ten billion smart phones, relentlessly cranking out mobile data at an accelerating pace. According to Cisco's Global Mobile Data Forecast Update 2011-2016, the amount of mobile data created worldwide has doubled in each of the past four years, and will continue to do for the foreseeable future. In the process, Internet consumption habits are also evolving, as we adapt to the new computing capabilities of our tiny screens. Dominic Basulto, Big Think 

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DropKey has developed mobile applications for use with the first portable, flight-ready HD TV Studio In A Bag

December 3, 2013 (APD/TDN News) - DropKey®, Inc. has developed mobile applications for use with the first portable, flight-ready HD TV Studio In A Bag, creating full HD background replacement on Tablets and Smartphones. According to Rockwell Scharer, CEO of DropKey, "We saw a very big niche in TV 3.0 where Big TV Producers can significantly increase their revenue streams and revolutionize content creation on the mobile platform. Users will be able to make Lord of The Rings at home, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams will find proteges and farm talent across the globe, and TV News will change forever as we know it. Our developers discover new applications every day for this new advanced portal, resulting in significant, scaleable billion-dollar industries. Due to advances in the robust processing power of tablets and smartphones, along with the confluence of Cloud technology and Cloudmining for Advertisers, DropKey has set the bar for making sophisticated HD content at home or on the road creating a million self-employed jobs around the world overnight, half of them in North America. DropKey has created a hearty, collapsible Professional Sound and Lighting portal optimized for Tablets and Smartphones with HD background replacement, and will be marketed to Consumers and Professionals for between $120 and $899 at Best Buy, Target, and The DropKey revenue model is considered a reality show Producer's Dream.  Heads up American Idol, The Voice, and America't Got Talent.

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Everyone Will Be A TV Station Soon

October 11th, 2014 (NYT/TDN NEWS) -  Everybody get your cameras and start filming something, pronto. Networking giant Cisco Systems is waiting.  At a speech at the Oracle OpenWorld trade show Wednesday, John Chambers, Cisco’s chief executive, predicted that “video will be the platform for all forms of communication in I.T. as we go forward.”

While he was addressing this message to several thousand corporate I.T. professionals, Mr. Chambers also saw consumers moving to more video too because the Internet-connected mobile devices enable easier video production and consumption. “There will be one million TV stations in the U.S.,” he said. “You’ll have Little League stations, home stations.”

It is a position which, not surprisingly, plays well to Cisco’s strategy. The more bits travel over the Internet, the more demand there is for Cisco-style routers, and few things create more bits than video. It is defensible, too: The sheer magnitude of the task of networking high-bandwidth content favors capital-rich incumbents over start-ups. Cisco, Mr. Chambers said, “no longer makes devices that are not video capable.”

But there are plenty of reasons to think Mr. Chambers has a point.

As cameras in smartphones like the new Apple iPhone 4S get better, and memory gets cheaper, there will be more video on the fly. Within the corporate world, Cisco and competitors like Polycomand Microsoft are benefiting from the growth of so-called telepresence meetings over the Web where people meet virtually through individual cameras on their desks. The “hangout” feature on Google’s Google+ social networking software is the latest version of this, and Google is working on ways to tie those video sessions to its calendar, spreadsheet and document sharing office productivity products.

Mr. Chambers also demonstrated some stunning, and potentially creepy, ways this may be going. He showed a new Cisco device in which all the talking in the conference session could be transcribed by machine. Words and terms were later searchable to find points in the video when they were mentioned. The company is also working with a maker of infrared cameras that detect the blood-water content of human skin. Mr. Chambers showed how Cisco could measure the number of people in a car, so a government could decide how much to charge on a toll road.

Even if the video boom does not happen as big or as fast as Mr. Chambers expects, he had other reasons to justify his natural optimism. Since 2007, he said, the world had gone from one Internet-connected device per person to five devices per person today. 

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DropKey® announces its Global Monetization and Revenue Model for Tablets and Smart Devices

October 7, 2015 (APD/TDN News) - "DropKey® has announced its Global Monetization and Revenue Model for Tablets and smart phones creating significant new and scalable billion dollar industries with one new patent-pending invention and product line that will generate thousands of white-label apps using Technological Meritocracy and Crowdsourcing, while creating tens of thousands of jobs for new mobile photographers and videographers.  Signature features include At-Home Performance Capture utilizing a revolutionary new Crowdsourcing Super Tool called the DreamScreen TV Studio In A Bag.  Advertisers win big via Cloudmining for instant target marketing of tens of millions of users daily."  

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